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Thursday, 20 January 2011

St Paul's by Moonlight

Last night met some friends in town and ate at Barbacoa. It's the new Jamie Oliver and Adam Perry Lang restaurant in London. It's such a large restaurant but I was really impressed with the service, food and the price. Be sure to check out the Fleur Royal Prosecco cocktail!

Just across the road you are rewarded with a magnificent view of St Paul's Cathedral.


  1. I like the angle of the shot. The branch in front of the moon is great too.

  2. that is a wonderful photo! definitely lovin' the moon too :)

  3. wow what a beautiful shot and sounds a great new restaurant, I shall put it on my list. I really like this, so dramatic and the branch covering the moon adds to the whole scene.

  4. I love this shot - very atmospheric!