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Wednesday, 5 January 2011


After reading a article in a photo magazine about how best to spend the colder, un-inspirational months around winter. One suggestion that jumped out at me was about reviewing the photos you had taken over the year. In the digital age we take so many photos but never really take the time to go back and look at them. When we used to have film processed and printed, we spent many happier hours carefully putting the photos into albums and writing little captions on where and why the photo was taken. So taking heed of the suggestion, that is what I am currently doing and choosing my favourites to have printed in an Album. What better way to look back on the amazing journey I've taken over 2010.

Kenyan Elephant from June 2010


  1. what a fantastic shot, I originally thought it was snow on the branches. I saw a great site this morning for making books -

  2. I think that is a great idea and I love this shot!

  3. wow - I never would have guessed it's an elephant!! very neat shot!

  4. What a fantastic shot! A good idea to go over all the photos! I must admit I'm very bad at that... even was in times of film... never really got down to making albums...! I just enjoyed going through my stacks of photos! ;-)

  5. Truly!
    This is a great shot!

  6. What a cool shot this is.. I love it.