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Friday, 24 August 2012

Shivajinagar Scrap Yard

I attended a street photography workshop yesterday and we visited an amazing area in Bangalore which solely sold used car parts. Rows and rows of sheds and brick built units full to capacity of headlights, suspensions, engine pieces, window mechanisms and panels. You name it, it must be there somewhere. The vendors were so friendly and as cars are a real passion of mine, I spent a lot of time talking about cars and not taking photos. Fortunately, there was time to get some shots!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Independence Day

On August 15th 1947, India became a sovereign nation and was no longer under British rule. On August 15th since then it has been a holiday and vast celebrations occur around the country to commemorate it's independence.

Lalbagh botanical gardens put on a large display in celebration. A mixture of stalls selling garden ornaments, seeds, plants and some craftwork edged the pathways. In my husbands opinion it was Bangalore's very own Chelsea flower show.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Russell Market

Yesterday was a public holiday to celebrate the birth of Krishna. People tend to stay at home, visit their local temple and attend prayers. We took the opportunity to go into town and visit Russell market. It's full of vendors selling local produce including flowers, meat, vegetables and fish. The market smell may be overpowering but the people are so friendly and proud of their produce, also very happy for you to take their photo!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Holy Cow!

Whilst out and about in Bangalore, you see many cows roaming the streets and roads. Because they are considered sacred they are allowed to roam freely. On my trip into town today we were stuck in a traffic for much longer than usual. The problem was a cow, standing in the middle of a very busy road without a care in the world. I also saw a cow today plonk itself down in a very decorative plant display outside a hotel. I had no time to get the shot unfortunately, instead below are cows rummaging through a rare green area where rubbish has been dumped. Cows succumb to stomach problems or even die because they have digested plastic bags. It is a very sad to see dogs, cows and goats looking for food in the piles of rubbish around the street.