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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Goodmorning Mr Darcy

The North Downs Way passes through the charming village of Chilham. The fifteenth century village square was the starting point for todays walk. Off the square is a twelfth century church and Chilham Castle dating from 1616. This pretty village in Kent is also associated with Jane Austen. She often spent time here visiting her brother. The idyllic countryside inspired her, and 'Pride and Prejudice' was written here in 1796.

All that walking through woodlands taking in stunning views across the Kent countryside could only end with a good hearty meal at the local pub!


  1. How beautiful - I love the light. Your descriptions of your walks make me want to visit the places!

  2. you should have told me! we are so near there you could have popped in for a cup of tea! I saw loads of this old man's beard today (this is what this is know as that you have captured so beautifully!).

  3. I love P&P and this photo. It has a frost-like feel to it, eventhough I know it is just the plant. Enjoy some Guienness for me.

  4. This is such a beautiful photograph Laura!
    I love the DOF you used.

  5. Beautiful shot and I love the bokeh! We found a great Irish Pub in New York that we visited twice. Good food and great fun!