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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Plumeria Rubra

Within the small garden we have here, there are very few flowering plants. However, the striking structural flora with large luscious and colourful variegated foliage certainly make up for it. We are lucky to have two plumeria or Frangipani plants. The dark pink below and a white obtusa which is considered the 'pride of Hawaii'. As you walk into our house the wonderful  fragrance of the simple waxy petals envelops you and the chaos of the Indian streets is immediately left behind.

Plumeria rubra - Kim Klassen Textures


  1. So beautiful. Absolutely amazing. Have a great week. Greetings from Romania

  2. What a beautiful flower this is Laura, and I can just imagine how wonderful the fragrance is.

  3. what a lovely plant to have in your garden, lovely colour too.

  4. What a beautiful flower this is, Laura!
    I love the color.