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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Is it Art?

Yesterdays Saatchi Gallery visit exhibiting 'New Art from Germany' had me puzzled and shaking my head in confusion. I love creativity, sculptures, great paintings fine and modern. But there is some 'art' I just can not connect with and I seem to see more and more of it these days. They say trends go full circle. I do hope they are right.

Isa Genzken


  1. I was thinking about this today! it was a very odd exhibition

  2. hmmm, the more i try and find meaning behind it the more i can feel my brain hurt. is this art? or is someone just having a clear out and needing to shift some rubbish?
    Excellent composition though

  3. Oh my word! Sometimes, I don't know where artists' heads are! I know that I'm not a terribly creative thinker. (I do love your processing, though.)

  4. I understand what you mean Laura.
    As for this one?
    Noooooooo, not for me. :-)

  5. This is something I don't understand. This is something we all could do and this is ugly. Would anybody buy this art piece for her/his livinroom! Maybe we are simple minded people for not understand this but if so I'm proudly simple:)