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Friday, 10 February 2012

Blue Sky

After a week of pretty much grey skies, today the clouds dispersed to reveal blue skies and sunshine. The snow is melting quickly and I can see the spring bulbs dotted around the garden! Last year I planted many more bulbs I do hope I get a chance to see their display before we leave! In the mean time I'll enjoy the bunch I purchased from the local shop.


  1. Laura, these are lovely. They are also the national flower of my country, Wales in the UK.
    Hope you have a good day

  2. How beautiful these are!
    I too, hope they come up for you before you leave.
    Cannot wait for spring here!

  3. So hope yours peek thru before you leave. It must be difficult leaving a garden, will you return to this same place?

  4. So ready for spring even though it has been such a mild winter. Love the flowers.

  5. Wonderful photos on your blog....I'm a new follower and just started browsing. Love what you do with textures!