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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Borneo Rainforest

It's our 3rd day at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge and pretty much out of touch with the outside world. I have never experienced humidity like it. There has been daily and nightly tropical storms, which is very unseasonable. The drive here took 3 hours from the nearest town. Along the way a couple of the makeshift bridges has collapsed and been washed away due to the heavy rain and rising level of the river. We had to drive fortunately in a 4x4 across the river with water a 3rd of the way up the door. Because of the continuous rain it has been rumoured they have not been able to rebuild the bridge. It's going to be interesting getting out of this place.
The rainforest is amazing. The sound of so many different animals can be deafening. We have seen a small family of Orang-outangs high in the tree tops. There are very few left in this area. Organisations are trying to everything they can to protect and rebuild their natural habitat. Our various daily treks are exhausting and very challenging. The forest is very muddy due to all the rain and there are leeches everywhere. We are continuously pulling them off. One did unfortunately find its way through my trousers onto my leg. It bled for ages. If you like insects you'd be in heaven here. On yesterday's night drive we spotted a huge tarantula on a tree branch. Not one of my favourite creatures I admit. We leave tomorrow and are heading to Kinabatangan Riverside Lodge for a few nights. Here we should see more mammals and experience more of the adventures of Borneo.
(Stephanie - please let my mother know we are ok)


  1. When I looked at that second picture I just sat and laughed. He looks so surprised that he could have got into that position! So glad you're having a wonderful trip.

  2. that second shot is hillarious. Great captures.

  3. What an amazing experience this must be Laura!
    Thank you for sharing it here!

  4. I just found your blog. We leave for Sabah a week from today and will be visiting the Borneo Rainforest Lodge (3 nights), followed by the Kinabatangan Riverside Lodge (2 nights) and Abai Lodge (1 night). . . Similar itinerary! I hope that we're able to GET to the BRL -- your report about the roads has me worried! I can't wait to follow your posts in the coming days! :-)

  5. Your description made me feel as if were there with you. I am wishing you safe travels!

  6. O wow, Laura, how interesting! And such gorgeous photos! I hope you'll get (or have got) over that bridge again safely!