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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Adventure Continues

Our time on the Kinabatangan River was filled with a host of mammals and birds along the rivers edge. Although the 3 boat trips a day had me constantly feeling as I was swaying from side to side. It was well worth it. The weather was good and it only rained once during the night. It was great to be dry and not constantly wet. We were fortunate enough to see a group of pygmy elephants and the Proboscis monkeys.
Female Proboscis Monkey
The last 4 day has been spent on the remote island of Lankayan. It's a small tropical paradise 15km off the North East coast of Borneo. We traveled by boat for just over two hours of very rough sea to get here, we all looked very green as we finally pulled up beside a welcome party on the jetty.  A very pleasant change to the humid and harsh mainland. I have been soaking up the sun or watching the array of sea life swimming past our chalet balcony, whilst my husband dives. 

Young Black Tipped shark
Tomorrow we head back to the mainland to Sepilok Nature Reserve. A sanctuary and home to some of the last Orang-Utans of Northern Borneo. 

Jenny - You will have an amazing time. A few essential things for the rain forest. Leech socks (you can buy them there). Long sleeve tops (as many as you can fit in as you are constantly wet and nothing will dry) and strangely baby talc. Something I read in a travel book helps with the constant moisture and keeps you feeling fresher!! My husband even resorted to using it :)


  1. Sounds like paradise! I am glad you are having a great time and I am enjoying your photos very much!

  2. I'm so glad you had better weather once you left Danum Valley! Thank you for the tips! ;-) I added baby powder to my list of items to buy when we reach KK (in addition to sunscreen and bug spray, which we need to buy upon arrival since we're only traveling with carry-ons). Really, we must have the same itinerary -- we're also visiting Lankayan (followed by Sepilok) after going to the Kinabatangan! Take care!