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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Yesterday I was out with a friend visiting some fabric shops close to the city. We decided instead of driving between shops to walk. We walked for about 45 minutes. On one hand it was a great sense of freedom to do something I'd not think twice about doing in the UK. On the other hand it's like of taking your life into your own hands. There are no pavements and litter and dirty water spills out into the roads. You also have to constantly keep an eye out for cars, bikes and rickshaws as there come from every director. Thankfully we survived our little adventure.


  1. I love this glimpse, great composition and there is just so much going on in this shot!

  2. Oh man, you are one brave Justine says, sooo much is going on here, you are really giving us a taste of life there.

  3. I absolutely agree with Justine and Deanna - such a great shot! It's really such a different world and I think you are brave indeed!!

  4. A very different world from what so many of us know.
    This is really a fantastic photograph, Laura.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  5. I guess that's how you have to look at it ... as an adventure.