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Monday, 1 August 2011

Not going to plan

Plan A didn't materialize this morning. So I had to think of plan B. Consulting the National Trust handbook I found Quebec House in Westerham was close by. Half hour later as I walked to the property I realised I hadn't checked the opening times. You guessed it. Closed on Mondays. I walked into the little village of Westerham to see what I could photograph and came upon a wonderful church and old graveyard. Got out my camera, no memory card! I couldn't believe it! Ok not a problem I though, I'll use my iphone Hipstamatic. Good processing for the scene.

Having not had chance to eat my lovingly prepared sandwiches I'd made for my day out, I decided to drive to Chartwell house only 10 minutes away. No joke the place was also closed. So along with a few other family groups who had also made the mistake of not checking the opening times. We ate our lunch in the carpark.

After being fed and watered I was determined to have a proper afternoon out.   Searching for a nearby garden or house which was 'open' I came upon Ightham Mote in Sevenoaks. Just a short drive away was superb medieval moated manor house dating back from the 1320's. An amazing property representing the architectural changes which have occurred over the centuries. It has been the largest conservation project undertaken by the National Trust and took from 1988 to 2004 to complete.


  1. Oh, what a day, Laura! This is really unbelievable - and it made me smile as I had similar situations... Although once I only realized that I didn't have a memory card when I was at home again and wanted to upload my photos... ;-)
    I'm glad you found something adequate, I really love the photos!

  2. ahh, the best laid plans...
    awesome shots.

  3. Oh, I know this kind of day only too well!
    You did however get these wonderful photographs, and tomorrow is another day!
    Have a great night Laura!

  4. Oh how frustrating to find things closed and no memory card. But it seems your day ended great. Wonderful photos too.

  5. Oh my word, Laura! You really had to improvise! But your images are beautiful; they are fabulous in black and white, too.