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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hotel Comforts

Don't you just love the bathrooms in boutique hotels! We are staying at Lime Wood Hotel in the New Forest for the weekend. It's such a wonderful hotel, in beautiful surroundings. Everything is perfect, from the staff to the decor and food. I never want to leave!


  1. Great Photos! :-)

    Have a nice week :-)

  2. Oh, this looks fantastic! I could stay a day or two there, too ;-)

  3. Looks heavenly.. I want to be there now!!!!

  4. yes I do love:) It gives us little feel of luxury, I don't know is it luxury but it is nice to think it is. You don't get that feeling at home, no matter what products you have something is just missing...the place you don't have to clean:)
    Have a great weekend