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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

London City Farm

Whilst waiting for my camera sensor to be cleaned and in search of somewhere to have lunch I stumbled across Vauxhall City Farm just off the high street. I was totally surprised by the extraordinary array of animals I was looking at through the wire fence. Rabbits, chickens, alpacas, cows and sheep to name just a few. Just across the road in a small paddock were horses. I had heard about city farms but had never seen one. I think its a wonderful opportunity for inner city residence to get close to animals . Unfortunately it was closed today but I will certainly visit in the future to supported this wonderful project.

I'm feeling a bit woolly headed today!

Cissie and Ada putting the world to right.


  1. Oh soooo loving that hairstyle!
    These are wonderful shots Laura, and this sounds like a fantastic project.

  2. I've never heard of city farms, so, yes please, visit again and take your camera with you! ;-) I'm also loving that hairstyle!

  3. Wonderful! Did you go to the nikon shop in pimlico?

  4. What fabulous photos. Those two chickens look very important sitting on the fence there :-)

  5. Oh, I like the alpaca and the hens! Fabulous pictures on the whole page!