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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I love everything about tulips. The brightly coloured bold blooms that burst open overnight. The long uncomplicated stems that support them and their fresh green leaves. Strong enough to brighten up the dullest of days.


  1. So do I Laura. Tulip are my all-time favourite flowers. This is a real beauty and makes a fabulous photograph.

  2. my tulips are starting to come up in the garden, I love them. Love the colours on this one, beautifully captured.

  3. I love the colours - so gorgeous! I think you can tell I love tulips, too ;-) Although there is no sign of them in the gardens, but I'm so happy to buy them on a weekly basis at the moment...!

  4. So very true! I love tulips too because I think of the year my son was born. I spent many hours on the couch, nursing him, looking at the tulips in the back yard... such a special time.