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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Love is ........

buying a cupcake for your husband. But he left for a business trip Sunday and didn't get the chance to eat it. So I sent him a photo of it and then ate it with my afternoon cup of tea! Well, I'm not one to let good food go to waste!

Taken with my iphone Hipstamatic app.


  1. that was a very loving gesture, and then so sweet of you to make sure it didn't go to waste!!! that is a very yummy looking cupcake :)

  2. Brilliant post. I bet you knew all along he wouldn't be there to eat it :-)

  3. lovely shot, I think I must be the only person without an iphone!

  4. This is beautiful - I love the effect. Here is the second person without an iphone ;-)

  5. Good for you!!
    I would not let this one go to waste either!
    Looks so yummy!