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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Naked Beauty

Last night after a few glasses of red wine my husband and I decided that we would go out for a bike ride this morning. After kitting up we left home hoping the rain would stay away and the sun would continue to shine. What a glorious morning it turned out to be. Well worth getting cold and very muddy for. Cycling around the countryside I was surprised by the diverse foliage colours. Some trees are still green others are golden yellow and rich reds. Alas there are some unfortunate ones which have been stripped bear of their leaves. These I felt, stood proud amongst their nakedness. I would say 'beauty is only skin deep' also applies to trees.


  1. wow this is beautiful! what a great composition and well worth the bike ride for! there is definitely beauty in this shot.

  2. This is really a wonderful photo and I'd also take a bike ride involving mud to get this shot!

  3. Laura - Your blog is beautiful, and your photography, amazing!!
    Have a wonderful day.