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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Balmy Christmas

Its the week before Christmas and just feels so wrong to be sitting here with a temperature of 29 Degrees overlooking my tropical garden and pool. Im a big Christmas fan and really missing the cold weather, the preparations, everyones decorated houses filled with twinkle lights and even the cheesy Christmas songs in the shops thats leading up to Christmas day. To cheer us up we have however, had a delivery from a friend that came over from the UK. M&S mince pies and christmas pudding with a bottle of port to wash it down with. There are some things that you just cant do without!

Whilst sitting here wishing I was home in the UK this Brahminy Kite settled on a palm tree just across from my study. Even with all the building noise going on around he was totally aware of my camera shutter going off and acknowledging the bursts of clicks.


  1. Great shot.. the weather here in London is rainy.. after last weeks freezing frosty fog. I quite like your sunshine and blue sky.

  2. What a beautiful bird this is, Laura.
    Mince pies and port wine sure sound good to me.

    It is very cold here, but I'm afraid no snow. I would really like a bit for Christmas (then it can all go away!!).

    I wish you a most wonderful Christmas, and a very, very Happy New Year, my friend.


  3. Muy buenas fotos :-)
    Feliz Navidad