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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Blooming Beautiful

Ive spent most of this week in the calming surroundings of the hotel. I just couldn't face the challenges of life on the streets of Bangalore. Some of the sights are quite shocking and could certainly discourage some people from ever visiting. You do have to see past these things and although I do not want to gloss over the  everyday life here there is sometimes true beauty in Bangalore.


  1. Lovely image. What an adventure! I am sure you will find the beauty of the city once acclimated.

  2. Laura, this is AMAZING!
    What a gorgeous image.

  3. This is so rich in color and texture! (I can't imagine living in Bangalore,but I do suppose that you will eventually become accustomed to it.)

  4. such a gorgeous flower, so many different colors in this one. Lovely

  5. This is truly beautiful Laura!
    I have a feeling that once settled in a bit, this is going to be a wonderful adventure for you Laura. I am sure it looks and feels a long way from home, but I also am sure that that will change. I am glad you are seeing the beauty.