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Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Walking around the garden I am spoilt for choice on what to photograph. The birds are busy and in full song.  Trying to get a shot of the dragonfly sunning itself in my pond was ruined by the sparrows diving in and eating it! A constant stream of garden birds visit the bird table throughout the day. I have to continuously scare off the crows and magpies as they are not welcome. Unfortunately I don't seem to have much luck photography the birds. They are quite tame but as soon as I raise the camera up to take a shot they fly off. Obviously just camera shy.


  1. I love how your camera and your processing have captured the texture of this blossom!

  2. This is so beautiful in black and white Laura!!

  3. Great picture Laura. The detail is amazing and nothing is lost by converting to b&w.

  4. i love this in black and white!