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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Whitstable Oysters

What a glorious day to be beside the seaside! Whitstable is an established fishing port on the south east coast of England. It has been associated with oysters for hundreds of years. The town holds an annual oyster festival in July. However, there is an old saying you should 'only eat oysters if there is an R in the month'! The reason for the festival in July, is that in Norman times there was a annual customary thanksgiving for fishers are dredgers for their survival and harvest. This would be held out of the oyster season.  As St James's Day (the patron saint of oysters) fell on the 25th July this then became the accepted month for todays festivals.


  1. Love this shot! it was such a lovely day, lets hope the weather stays like this!

  2. This is stunning, Laura! And thanks for the background story - this is really interesting!
    Thanks so much for your comment on my "crane post" :-) btw, I think it really was the first time this went so harmonious ;-)

  3. Hi Laura, I came over from Justine's blog. Sounds like it was a lovely day and your photo reflects that. Great composition! Now, I'm hungry for oysters! I would love to visit England someday!

  4. Great composition. Well done for turning on the sun :-)

  5. Wonderful composition. Never knew that about oysters.

  6. Now that's a lot of oysters!!
    I love the way you composed this!