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Saturday, 23 October 2010

The act of repeating oneself

Todays Picture Fall topic is 'Repetition'. This is such a everyday occurrence, from getting the milk out of the fridge to the delicate intricate petals on a flower. From the pattern of your wallpaper to constant noise of the magpies. The first thing that came to mind when I read the email, was the film Groundhog Day. Life can be so like this, its only down to us to change that.

Returning from an amazing trip to Chicago and North America, I've decided to try and do simple things differently each day. I wonder how long I'll last for!!

The intricate repetition in the common Dandy Lion.


  1. What a stunning photograph, I love that it is in B&W rather than colour!

  2. This is really a fantastic entry for Macro Friday and I'm so glad you did, so I can follow your blog! I've tried your link a few times when your blog wasn't online yet. I love your photos very much!

  3. I love this.. one of my favorite flowers to photograph.. Beautiful capture!!!!